Innowood louvres installed at the Penrith Panthers Club in 2008 were recoated with a fresh colour during the modernisation of the club in 2015.

Installed at the club when the project was successfully completed in 2008, Innowood louvres maintained their look and structural integrity with minimal maintenance over the next seven years, outperforming natural timber by resisting issues such as cracking, splitting, swelling and rotting that typically occur to timber materials, especially when subjected to the elements.

Innowood louvres in 2008

In 2015, during the refurbishment of the Penrith Panthers Club, the louvres were easily removed and recoated in a matt black finish to match the newly upgraded and modernised facilities. That the louvres could be recoated to achieve the desired modern look and feel instead of being replaced not only demonstrated the product’s superior versatility, but also the substantial cost- and time-saving benefits for the client.

Innowood louvres in 2015

As leaders in the design and development of sustainable timber alternatives, Innowood produces an extensive range of environmentally responsible products to suit a variety of systems, applications and project designs.