Designers can benefit from greater efficiencies in both design and construction when they collaborate with engineered timber manufacturers early in the process.

Hyne Timber partner Timber Queensland held a webinar on this subject with architect Kim Baber, principal, Baber Studio, speaking on ‘Presenting the Vision’ - Working with manufacturers to deliver the dream; and Hyne XLAM’s Rob Mansell discussing GLT Mass Timber design case studies.

Baber is part of the UQ ARC Future Timber Hub team. In his presentation, he outlines the benefits of working with materials suppliers and manufacturers early in the design process.

Mansell works on the cutting-edge of mass timber construction. Working for XLAM, he uses his expertise in CLT and GLT to provide solutions for some of Australia and New Zealand’s highest-profile mass timber projects. In this presentation, Rob shares some fantastic mass timber product and project profiles.

Watch the webinar here.