The recent bushfire crisis in Tumbarumba brought out the best in people, with volunteers stepping up to face the challenge for the good of the community.

Many members of the Hyne Tumbarumba team as well as the local community volunteer with local emergency organisations – the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and the State Emergency Service (SES). These volunteers came through the trial by fire with incredible courage and dedication, saving lives and property throughout the two-week emergency.

At one point, for five whole days, these volunteers were the only obstacle between the fire, the Tumbarumba Mill and the town since air support was not available and the strike teams had been reassigned to Snowy Hydro. To support his town – and Rural Fire Service comrades – SES Tumbarumba Unit Commander John Mansfield slept at the emergency services sheds for 14 days straight. Mansfield is a Hyne Timber employee.

Working alongside these people day-in day-out, one doesn’t always notice the amazing qualities that sit just below the surface. But these ‘heroes’ were responsible for saving the Hyne Tumbarumba Mill and the town.

It’s clear that the Aussie spirit shines brightly today in Tumbarumba.