The Hyne Group (Hyne Timber and XLam) has announced a partnership with UK-based James Jones & Sons Limited (JJSL), one of the most innovative and efficient timber producers in Europe.

JJSL traces its history back 180 years and five generations, and operates seven mills across the UK. Together with Hyne Timber’s 140 years, this partnership brings together a combined 320 years of family-owned sawmilling heritage to pursue growth opportunities.

Fifth generation Hyne, James Hyne said, “With this exciting partnership, we are bringing together two multi-generational family-owned and operated companies with a shared commitment to world-class product quality, service, safety, innovation and sustainability.”

“The partnership will concentrate on identifying and developing growth opportunities in our region and beyond.

“The JJSL chair, Tom Bruce-Jones, is also now the chair of our Hyne Group Board, who we welcome with his extensive experience in our industry at a global level.”

JJSL chair and the new Hyne Group chair, Tom Bruce-Jones said this partnership provides a strong platform for further consolidation and growth in Australia and New Zealand.

“We choose our partners very carefully and in the Hyne Group we have found a culture of integrity and excellence that mirrors our own.

“In an increasingly corporate and private equity dominated industry, we believe that family culture and values not only provide differentiation but are a key competitive advantage. Together, we believe there are enormous opportunities to use our combined know-how, experience and financial strength to grow the business by delivering even better products and services.”

Under the terms of the partnership, JJSL holds the majority interest – almost 60 per cent, with over 40 per cent being retained by the Hyne Group’s existing shareholders, including the Hyne family. JJSL has been involved in similar, successful partnerships in the past, including a 25-year joint venture and ownership of Stella-Jones Inc in North America.

The Hyne Group CEO, Jon Kleinschmidt confirmed there were no plans for any changes to the Hyne Timber and XLam brands.

“It is business as usual for the Hyne Group operations with no changes to the company’s team members, customers, suppliers and our ongoing commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate.

“This is an exciting new chapter in our 140-year journey, and I look forward to working with the new Board and shareholders as we focus on new growth opportunities moving forward.”

The partnership has secured Foreign Investment Review Board approval and all other regulatory approvals.

Image: Hyne's Tuan Mill near Maryborough, QLD.