Hydrotherm Australia  offers Platinum Series heating systems which can be used to heat bathrooms and warm towels and clothes. Different models of this series of heating systems are available, including P-500, P-800, P-600 and P- 700 that can be obtained in non-heated, hydronic and electric models.

Platinum Towers heating system is available in dulux powder coat colours or high polish chrome plated finish.
Platinum Towers from Hydrotherm Australia consists of several bars which are known to provide additional heat. Platinum towers can be used for drying a variety of clothes and towels. The bars are evenly spaced, which permits distribution and offers radiant warmth that enables the removal of any dampness present in the bathroom.

Platinum Ladder from Hydrotherm Australia can mounted on floor for providing additional stability. Platinum ladder can accomadate several clothes and towels at a time.

Hydrotherm Australia provides domestic hot water system and hydronic heating that makes use of the circulating hot water concept. Hydronic heating from Hydrotherm Australia make use of the domestic hot water boilers that already exist for providing hot water. Hydronic heating is known to offer natural warmth and does not cause hot spots, unpleasant draughts and burning. Hydronic heating permits individual control of each radiator.