Hydroheat Supplies  specialises in a range of hydronic heating systems for commercial and residential environments.  

Condensing technology in gas boilers is a big step forward in greening the environment.  

Key environmental benefits of BAXI condensing boilers include: 

  • Reduced CO2 and NOx emissions that help combat global warming
  • Improved efficiency reduces fuel bills by as much as 30%

BAXI condensing boilers work on the principle of recovering as much as possible of the waste heat, which is normally rejected into the atmosphere from the flue of a conventional boiler.  

The heat recovery is accomplished by using an extra-large heat exchanger within the boiler, which maximises heat transfer from the burner in addition to recovering useful heat that would be normally lost with the flue gases.  

As a result the temperature of the gases exiting the flue of condensing boilers is typically 70ºC compared with 150ºC in a current non-condensing boiler. At the same time, an amount of water or condensate is also produced.  

Therefore a condensing boiler will always have a better operating efficiency than a conventional non-condensing boiler even when the boiler is in the non-condensing mode with a system water temperature of 80ºC.  

  • Typical efficiency of a condensing boiler: 90% - 96%
  • Typical efficiency of a new conventional boiler: 78% - 81%
  • Typical efficiency of an older boiler (>20 yrs): 55% - 65%  

Hospitals, nursing homes and offices that require a continuous annual heat load will benefit the most in operating costs by changing over to this advanced technology without upsetting the current gas and water connections.

Simultaneously, the carbon footprint of the heating plant is reduced by 90%.  

These findings are especially relevant for larger energy users and can be used for the NABERS building efficiency star rating.  

BAXI offers a fully modulating plant from 40kW-1800kW suitable for most of the applications using a single sequence controller, which in turn can be connected to the Building Management System if required.