With a natural cement look, a diversity of colour and tone, and endless variations in texture, Swisspearl high-density fibre cement cladding is a building façade option unlike any other.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, non-combustible Swisspearl high-density fibre cement cladding  panels offer design flexibility, as well as total peace of mind


  • Base layer: Solid colour
  • Top layer: Translucent with light pigmentation
  • Standard colours: 27

Starting with a solid colour base coat Carat panels are given a lightly pigmented, translucent finish. This unique method creates a delicate vein-like texture and gives each panel a natural look, that enhances its timeless beauty.

Carat HR is a premium surface treatment that offers increased scratch resistance and higher protection from UV rays. As an added benefit, most graffiti can be removed from Carat HR using only acetone.

Overall, the profile of Carat and Carat HR is identical, however the surface of HR panels have a slight sheen. Carat and Carat HR panels can often be combined on the same elevation, by creating a degree of separation between them.


  • Base layer: Solid colour
  • Top layer: Translucent
  • Standard colours: 9

Avera gives every façade an unsurpassed vibrancy. This high-density fibre cement cladding panel has a vivid texture that can’t be matched by any other cladding on the market. The unique look is achieved by the dynamic manufacturing process. Each panel is given its own individual imprint, with natural variations in colour, tone and surface pattern. This allows for the naturally expressive material to shine.

A high-quality invisible coating provides the panels with years of added protection from the effects of weather, while still letting the original look and texture show through. The coating also provides extra scratch resistance and durability to withstand most graffiti.


  • Base panel: Solid colour
  • Top layer: Translucent
  • Standard colours: 2

Stylish and unique, the large format Incora façade panels are ideal for designers seeking practicality with an out-of-the-ordinary finish.

The magic takes place during the manufacturing process. Before a panel has dried it’s sprinkled with high-quality granulated marble, the granules become embedded in the fibre matrix as the panels are pressed. With a unique profile and texture, every Incora panel is one-of-a-kind.

To ensure longevity, the panels are finished with a clear, scratch-resistant coating that also serves as protection against the weather and UV radiation.


  • Base panel: Solid colour
  • Top layer: Iridescent
  • Standard colours: 11

Reflex facade panels are available in a stylish range of solid colours with an iridescent, acrylic coating. Changing light and different angles of vision produce dynamic and exciting nuances in colour shades.

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