Home theatre has never been more popular and big screen technology has made the home cinema experience larger than life. HPM has now taken the home cinema experience one step further with the new iset Home Theatre automation system.

A simple pre-programmed system designed for use in a single room of a home, iset Home Theatre operates with the switch of a button. It can, sequentially, open and close curtains and blinds; dim up to four lights simultaneously; lower projector screen and further dim lights to go ‘off’.

Each iset function (lights, blind or curtains, projector screen) can also be controlled separately to suit individual needs.

The beauty of iset Home Theatre lies in its simplicity. Ideal for installation in new homes and for major renovations, the iset Home Theatre kit comes complete with pre-programmed output driver, DIN rail surface mount enclosure, power supply and transformer.

All functions of iset are operated from two soft-touch keypads with Excel styling. The two pre-programmed, four gang keypads are included in the iset Home Theatre kit.

Source: Building Products News.