Indesign Media has expanded its engagement with the architecture and design community by working closely with and in support of HouseLab, a digital disruptor in the residential construction space.

To coincide with the support and collaboration of Indesign Media, HouseLab has also been re-launched, moving from an intensive beta test period to a fully operational platform that allows both professionals and home owners to easily manage their residential builds and maintain their homes, pre and post-handover.

It’s a tool that removes the need for printed materials during the handover period, reduces administrative headaches, and makes managing a home easy and simple.

It also provides a rich source of information for home owners to assist in making the right purchases, and inspires design direction for industry professionals exploring new product developments.

“We’re excited to be part of transforming the way homes are managed and improving business efficiencies for our community of suppliers, architects, interior designers, property developers and real estate agents,” says Rajesh Nandan, CEO and founder of Indesign Media Asia Pacific.

 “We’re always looking at how we add value to our design community and digital innovations that have the opportunity to reshape the landscape.”

While HouseLab is in its infancy, its ability to attract industry leaders and change the way people communicate throughout the design process is enormously exciting,” he says.

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible and in the coming months and years we fully expect HouseLab to become a major force in the residential construction industry both here and abroad... watch this space,” says Nandan.

“When we were looking for partners, our main priority was to find people who could see the potential opportunities, while also being a good cultural fit and having the ability to ignite the idea that was started late last year,” says Chris Rennie, director and co-founder of HouseLab.

At its core, HouseLab is for anyone involved in the design, construction and home management process. All project and home-related information can be uploaded to a secure, personalised online hub. Warranties, manuals, plans, permits, paint colours, key contact details – everything is kept safe, ready to access whenever needed and also reduce the needless waste of paper on documents that just gather dust.

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