HouseLab has partnered with Carbon Neutral to kick-start a massive tree planting initiative as part of their continuing commitment to the natural environment.

Since their launch, HouseLab has promoted sustainability by reducing unnecessary printing of paper and other associated materials commonly included in handover kits for new homes. HouseLab's digital handover kits created recently for a client’s project resulted in overall savings of over 70,000 sheets of paper.

Going a step further, HouseLab began exploring ways of positively contributing to the natural environment. Given the large-scale destruction of Australia’s green cover following the unprecedented forest fires, the company has now decided to focus on planting trees through a partnership with Carbon Neutral.

While tree planting as part of a sustainable business policy is certainly not new, it has taken on more urgency in recent months. 

Carbon Neutral has planted over 29 million trees so far and has ambitions of making a real difference to Australia's flora, fauna and local communities; is focussed on a multi-species reforestation project in a biodiversity hotspot; is recognised as a market leader in carbon management and advice; and has a sensible fire management plan.

As part of this partnership, HouseLab will plant a tree for every handover, with an aim to plant 50,000 trees per year, within three years. The company has already invested in their first tranche of tree planting and would expect to have paid for their first 1000 plantings by Q1 CY20.