Homelift Elevators  provide a range of elevator lifts which are small enough to suit residential buildings. 

The company’s atrium lift takes its duet lift concept to a higher level. The duet lift is a economical and space saving lift unit which can carry up to two people at once. The atrium lift takes the duet lift further by being able to take up to four people, making it ideal for most family homes. 

The atrium lift is also big enough to take a wheel chair, with a total safety-rated load of up to 250kg. This makes the elevator unit particularly suited for disabled persons and also suitable for increasing the convenience of travelling between levels in multi-story homes.

Other key benefits and features of Homelift Elevators' atrium lift includes: 

  • can be installed almost anywhere in new or existing homes
  • no need for expensive building modifications, complex designs or engineering changes prior to installation
  • space saving compared to a conventional lift
  • atrium lift can be installed for much less than a conventional lift 
  • provides a smooth and quiet ride
  • has a self contained overhead drive system 
  • drive system eliminates motor room dead space 
  • no need for an expensive three phase power system to run the lift
  • a range of finishes can be included to the lift unit including automatic door openers