Available from Hillaldam the top hung sliding and stacking hardware is suitable for aluminium and timber door applications.

Specifications of the sliding and stacking door hardware include;

  • A leaf thickness of 44mm
  • A maximum leaf width of1000mm
  • A maximum leaf height of 2100mm
  • A maximum leaf mass of 100kg

The Stackaway 335 sliding and stacking door hardware features an aluminium top track, clip-on rebate and flexible layout design. A floor channel is not required and the system is non-corrosive.

Components of the sliding and stacking door hardware;

  • 356 aluminium top track
  • An optional 356R clip-on rebate
  • 504NA aluminium or 506B brass flush handle
  • 356 stacking rig to suit the layout
  • 355TP/A hanger for an aluminium door or 355TP/T hanger for a timber door
  • 488 x 6 flush bolt
  • 122 brush welt
  • A woolpile for the top track or rebate