Hideaway Bins introduces a new range of floor mount compact bins for tight spaces in apartments.

People living in tiny apartments or retirement units often struggle with space constraints, especially when it comes to fitting a bin in the kitchen or bathroom.

The new 1x15L and 1x20L floor mount Hideaway compact bins are designed to fit in places with tight spaces, such as small kitchens in apartments and retirement units, or in bathroom vanities. These compact bins are particularly recommended as an undersink installation for kitchens.

Often the sink cabinet is full of plumbing, insinkerators, and water filters, leaving very little space for bins. However, the new single bins from Hideaway are compact enough to accommodate the plumbing and other appliances.

The new Hideaway bins are simple to install and can be done as a DIY project. The compact bins are also perfect as a retrofit for existing kitchens.

Similar to all Hideaway bins, the new compact bins are designed and manufactured in New Zealand using quality materials and components.


  • Metal Frame: 1.0mm zinc treated steel, powder coated for durability
  • Runner Rating: Soft close over extension ball bearing runner, 38kg dynamic weight loading
  • Handle Pull – Two-Step Action: The bin is accessible by opening the cupboard door and pulling out the bin using its handle
  • Buckets: Made from recyclable, food-grade polypropylene plastic and supplied with a liner holder.