Hideaway Bin storage solutions from Kitchen King can help to create an organised home and give homeowners a sense of control and peace of mind.

Hideaway Bins offer an easy way to keep rubbish and mess hidden away within the kitchen. Planning the layout of the kitchen and its storage solutions make it easier to move around when cooking. Mounting a bin at sink height next to the food preparation area limits the need for bending and movement around the kitchen when preparing food.

All Hideaway Bins have an easy to clean, zinc-treated steel construction, which has been powder coated for strength and durability. Differing bucket configurations are available, such as a single or double, 15 or 20 litre buckets or single 50 litre buckets for the larger family. The installation of a double bin system is an ideal solution for rubbish and recycling, or alternatively Hideaway Bins can be used for storage of food such as baking goods or dry animal foods.

A 50 litre Hideaway Bin can easily transform a laundry into an efficient workspace. With a weight capacity of 40kgs across the tracks, the Hideaway Bins provide a simple solution for hiding dirty laundry away behind closed doors.

Integrating a single Hideaway Bin into the bathroom is a practical and stylish space saving solution. Bathroom waste is often an afterthought in bathroom design and a small bin is often placed in the corner of the room taking up space. Integrating a Hideaway Bin into the bathroom design keeps bathroom waste discreet. Home offices and wardrobes are other areas of the home where disposable of rubbish is often required.

There are three Hideaway Bin ranges available to choose from, with each fitting into new or existing cabinetry. The Hideaway Compact is designed for modest spaces and the range includes a perfume sachet for odour control. Hideaway Deluxe Bins include a perfume sachet in the design, but feature removable, foam sprung friction fit lid that creates a seal across the buckets. The third style, the Hideaway Soft Close, offers a similar function to the Deluxe, but with the added features of self close tracks preventing the bin from slamming and the friction-fit lid featuring a 'Clinikill' powder coat that fights bacteria to keep the bin solution hygienic.