Hideaway Bins offers an excellent solution for managing and recycling waste at the workplace with large 50L bins designed to withstand the challenges of commercial environments.

Company managements can implement responsible recycling practices at the workplace by simplifying the process of waste segregation using waste bins from Hideaway Bins. With the drive towards recycling and waste management in the commercial sector gathering steam, Hideaway Bins offers simple solutions for establishing practical recycling practices that all company employees can follow easily.

For instance, 50L Hideaway Bins can be installed side by side to separate waste for disposal or recycling. The bins slide away out of sight, keeping the room clear of clutter.

The New Zealand Made waste bins use only high quality materials to ensure they can withstand the challenges presented by commercial environments. Key features include a strong framework made from high-grade zinc treated steel powder-coated for durability; high quality German soft close runners designed to hold upwards of 47kg, overextended to ensure the bucket will come clear off the benchtop easily; friction fitted lid that remains in the carcass when the bins are open and closes down onto the unit when closed, locking in smells; and Clinikill anti-bacterial powder-coat on the lid formulated to fight harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi, keeping the bin hygienic.

All buckets are made from food grade polypropylene and come complete with a liner holder designed to keep the bin liner in place.  All buckets fit standard bin liners available from local supermarket chains.

For installations in limited spaces, Hideaway Bins offers twin large bin solutions with 15, 20 and 40-litre double bin options.