Hideaway waste disposal units by Kitchen King allow users to reclaim precious space and eliminate messy kitchen bins from kitchens altogether. The stylish and intelligent design of these hideaway bins gives the kitchen bin its own tidy drawer and can be slid away with ease and without imposing on other storage space in the cabinetry.  

These waste disposal units come equipped with a perfume sachet that assist with issues of hygiene and odour often associated with disposal of food scraps and unpleasant bacteria. The discreet placement of the bin and high handle means pets and little children cannot access the waste, spreading bacteria further.

The high-quality, over-extending tracks used by Kitchen King enable easy access to the unit and make removing and replacing the buckets simple and hassle free.  

Any area of a residence can benefit from this practical and sophisticated bin system including a garage, bathroom, laundry and office setting. Additionally, numerous sizes and configurations are available to suit any family or application. The 50-litre Hideaway waste disposal units can be used by big families or even commercial establishments as fewer trips to the outdoor bin are required.