Hideaway Bins announces the release of a new range of laundry hampers featuring a strong, sturdy and stylish base mount design.

Designed to hold dirty laundry and keep it discreetly out of sight, the new base mount laundry hamper comes with a base mount tray made from zinc treated steel, which keeps the hamper in place and conceals the German soft close runners when the unit is open. The hamper can be removed easily from beneath the benchtop using the over-extendible runners, which have a dynamic weight loading of 52kg.

Some of the design advantages of the new base mount laundry hamper include ability to be locked into location using a handle support attached to the door fascia, ensuring the loaded hamper does not tip over when pulled open; covered runners and moving parts, and smooth metal edges ensuring clothing that falls into the base of the cabinet is protected against damage; and ergonomically designed lightweight 60-litre hamper lifting easily at waist height from the base mount tray without requiring the user to bend or lift the hamper high to remove it from the frame.

Made from high grade polypropylene plastic, the laundry hamper also features smooth insides for clothing protection; air venting for moisture reduction; solid base to protect the internal cabinet from drips; and moulded handles to assist the user in moving it.

The hamper can be installed into any area of the home to keep dirty laundry out of sight and can even be used as a removable washing basket.

Hideaway Bins’ base mount laundry hamper also offers a practical solution for collecting dirty laundry dropped through the chute from the upper levels of the home, keeping it off the floor.