Bins from Hideaway Bins provide an excellent, yet discreet solution for recycling waste in an office kitchen.

Office kitchens are prone to mess and can become an eyesore. With bins from Hideaway Bins, waste can be sorted easily and stored out of sight till time of disposal. Hideaway bins provide employees with an efficient solution for effortless waste and recycling separation.

Hideaway Bins’ hidden waste and storage solution can be customised to suit the kitchen size at the workplace. A suitable bin configuration can be selected to sort cardboard, waste and bottles for recycling or simply to separate rubbish and recyclables.

Hideaway Bins offers bucket configurations in single and double options from 15 litres up to 50 litres to provide the ideal hidden storage solution for any commercial area. The 50L bucket size allows for large quantities of rubbish and recyclables to be discreetly stored before disposal.

Hideaway bins are intelligently designed using high quality materials and will stand up to any commercial environment. Key features include metal frame made from zinc treated steel for strength, powder-coated for durability and ease of cleaning; buckets made from food-grade and recyclable polypropylene plastic; liner holder to hold the bag in place; friction-fitted lid to create a seal over the buckets when the unit is closed, ensuring odour isn’t an issue within the office kitchen; and Clinikill antibacterial powder coat on the lid to fight yeast, fungi and bacteria and help keep the bin hygienic.