Hideaway Bins presents hidden bins for the office environment designed to provide an innovative and discreet storage solution for office waste.

Featuring clean lines and making efficient use of space, the hidden bins from Hideaway Bins are designed to fit underneath a benchtop or desk with the bucket easily removable to collect the waste. By sliding away out of sight when not needed, the hidden bins help to keep the office floor clean and clear of clutter, creating a safer work environment. Hideaway Bins are both ergonomic and functional.

The hidden bins from Hideaway Bins are designed with quality materials to ensure the units can withstand the challenges of commercial environments. Key features include high grade steel framework for strength and powder-coated for durability; robust runners designed to hold upwards of 40kg; over extension ensuring the bucket can be easily removed from beneath the benchtop or drawer; and recyclable polypropylene buckets supplied with a liner holder designed to hold a bin liner in place.