Do you have guests staying during the holidays? Will their stay be comfortable and restful? Ever had grandparents or friends stay over and you offered your bed while you opted to sleep on the sofa bed and regretted it?

Do you feel the metal cross bar pinching your back and the sofa bed springs creaking? Reduce the sofa bed nightmares! The alternative to a sofa bed is a practical, solid and comfortable hideaway piece of furniture. Make a winning and always welcoming offering to your closest friends and family.

Have you heard of the Hideaway Wall bed? This space saving solution has been around since the 1920s. We have seen them in the movies where the woman hides away behind the wall bed as the mother in law comes in the room. Seen it?

Now the wall bed is more practical. Hideaway Wall Beds can now showcase your best art work or a romantic mirror, and still is able to fold the bed up fully made, with pillows and blankets. Hideaway Wall beds have come a long way. Are you still curious? Come and see the first in the world real studio apartment showroom in Sydney Australia. Hideaway wall beds cost more upfront, however, cost less on replacement of sofa beds