Serious consideration should be given to these features before buying your Hideaway Wall Bed. Here a few hints to simplify the process:

Convenience- Can the Hideaway wall bed be self installed? Saving money and having fun with a friends or family member over the week end.

Time- How long do you have to wait for an installation? At Hideaway Beds there is a three day turnaround.

Phone support- Can your tradesperson call, and make a valid installation inquiry? At Hideaway Beds all staff are trained to answer trade questions.

DIY phone support- You are more likely to install something on the weekend when you have time off. Hideaway Beds provide free seven-day DIY Phone Support.

Variety- Hideaway Wall beds supply the latest Wood finishes and today’s popular colours.

Optional Cabinetry- Does the company have available optional side units for future purchases? At Hideaway Wall Beds, you can choose and have delivered a side cabinet after the wall bed installation.

DIY Home Deliveries- Hideaway Beds pass on cost savings and are able to deliver across Australia and New Zealand. They think wall beds are a necessity and not a luxury.