Due to the strict environmental regulations required for the production of mushroom substrate or compost, the owners of a facility at Windsor, NSW, ensured CSR Hebel was used in its construction because of the panels’ ability to meet EPA guidelines regarding noise levels and temperature regulation.

Mushroom substrate facilities produce a complex organic material that differs from ordinary compost, and mushroom producers are required to ensure their operations adhere to Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) regulations.

At the Windsor facility, substrate compost is made from a complex process involving the initial break-down of straw in Phase I with processed air filtered through a straw bio-filter and then moistened with a series of sprinkler systems. This process requires specialised climate control methods, air handling and process controls to keep it operating efficiently. Phase II occurs when the stacked straw is supplemented with fertiliser and nutrients, along with more water.

Lightweight CSR Hebel panels have excellent thermal and acoustic properties, an important consideration in optimising composting conditions. As the facility runs around the clock, CSR Hebel panels used in Phase I help to shield machinery noise from surrounding residences and aid in temperature control.

Source: Building Products News.