Designer home builder Hudson Ridge relies on Hebel and Cemintel to create stunning homes synonymous with superior quality and a unique level of personalisation.

Building designer homes in the Ballarat and Geelong regions for over 20 years, Hudson Ridge operates within a compact family orientated structure, which means everyone within the business is invested in delivering the best result possible. This agile and flexible approach enables them to offer a personalised experience to every customer.

“For everyone at Hudson Ridge, it’s personal. We take a very considered approach to every single project and the whole team comes together to ensure our client’s vision is met,” says Darren Fraser, managing director. “This starts and finishes with quality. The quality of service, and most importantly the quality of design and build, means our customers receive the best home available and a better customer experience.”

Hudson Ridge Alfredon

Cemintel Barestone was selected to create this striking interior feature wall

Quality and innovation are central to Hudson Ridge’s design philosophy. They continuously look to incorporate new, innovative materials and building methods to ensure clients achieve a high level of detail, aesthetic, and longevity within their build. Material selection is critical to executing this philosophy, which is why Hudson Ridge chooses Cemintel for stunning internal feature walls and exterior of the upper storey, and Hebel for a smooth, rendered finish to the exterior of the lower level.

“We love how Hebel offers a flexibility and efficiency in design, providing a cohesive look to the home in its entirety. The beauty of Cemintel’s pre-finished products is that we can incorporate accents of different textures and colours both internally and externally, which allows us to deliver a level of finish that enhances each design,” states Fraser.

Hudson Ridge Alfredon

Accents of Cemintel Barestone (far wall) were carried throughout the home

An example of how both products converge to deliver a home that truly reflects their client’s vision and unique design aspects is Hudson Ridge’s Ballarat home.

“This home is strikingly beautiful in its design, build quality and material selection. The combination of Hebel and Cemintel throughout the build creates a unique relationship between the interior and exterior of the home, reflecting the client’s contemporary style,” says Fraser.

“In a cool climate such as Ballarat, the reliability and longevity of material are essential and something Hebel helps us achieve, delivering a strong and secure residence with a sophisticated finish.”

Yet, the beauty of Hebel and Cemintel goes far beyond the build efficiency and visual aesthetic, with materials that benefit clients in the long-term.

Cemintel’s pre-finished products are long-lasting and high-quality, offering a wide range of finishes that speak to their surrounds. By simulating materials such as stone, timber, concrete, metal and tiles, the limitations that typically come with those products are heavily reduced with minimal ongoing maintenance. Additionally, concealed fittings allow for a streamlined finish with the added benefit of being weather-tight, which is critical within areas exposed to more extreme weather conditions.

Hudson Ridge Alfredon

Facade materials: Hebel PowerPanelXL (lower level), Cemintel Territory Woodlands (upper levels)

Aside from creating a modern and beautiful finish, Hebel also boosts the thermal qualities within homes and helps reduce noise transmission. Combined with easy installation and a quality finish, Hebel helps Hudson Ridge deliver their client’s home to schedule.

The strength of a strong commitment to quality and personalised approach to building is best surmised in Fraser’s words: “We build homes that both we and our customers are proud to call a Hudson Ridge home.”