Heatcraft  introduces the new Thermfresh high humidity refrigeration system. This system extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. From the time of harvest, until the point of purchase, fruit and vegetables wilt and perish if the cold chain is not carefully maintained.

Cold storage slows the rate of degradation, but fresh produce loses its healthy appearance when shrinkage exceeds 3%. This results in weight loss, a shorter shelf life, high wastage and ultimately, fewer dollars in the cash register.

With conventional cold storage, broccoli, mushrooms, raspberries, blackberries and bunched greens (such as beets, turnips, radish, green onions and spinach) lose their moisture at a rate of more than 1.4% per day. So the seller receives fewer dollars per item, for each extra day between harvest and ultimate sale to the consumer.

Heatcraft’s Thermfresh high humidity refrigeration system solves these problems as a result of its superior temperature and humidity control. It not only preserves just-picked freshness, but also extends shelf life to ensure near zero wastage.

A conventional cool room operates below 85% RH. At this level, fresh produce loses weight 400% faster than in a cool room operating at over 94% RH.

The Thermfresh high humidity refrigeration system minimises weight loss and has a major impact on shelf life, by keeping relative humidity (RH) in the cool room between 94% - 97%.

Heatcraft’s Thermfresh high humidity refrigeration system combines an under ceiling Thermfresh evaporator with a Kirby Polar Pack and a Dixell controller, to deliver higher humidity. Each Thermfresh evaporator is custom designed, taking into account the produce type and the physical characteristics of the storage area.

Thermfresh represents a major breakthrough in cold storage. Produce stays fresh for longer and profits are maintained all along the cold chain.