Valour is a revolutionary UV oil finish from Havwoods, recommended for timber boards to maintain their beautiful natural aesthetic as well as performance characteristics.

Timber flooring products finished with Valour UV oil coating deliver the promise of excellent durability without compromising on the beautiful characteristics of a genuine timber floor.

The versatile UV oil finish offers the assurance of scratch resistance, colour fastness, hardness and sustainability. Combining a natural raw oil look with unparalleled eco-friendly durability, the Valour finish is perfectly suited to every project from living rooms to gigantic office buildings.

The Valour coating is DIN EN 13442 tested.

In this test, the following products were applied to Valour finish boards with no visible change observed even after 24 hours. These products included distilled water, olive oil, detergent, milk, acetone, coffee, ethanol, black tea, red wine and ammonia.

This makes Havwoods’ Valour finish unique, versatile and perfectly suitable for every project.