The visual appeal of wide plank timber flooring can make a positive impact on the overall design plan, regardless of the size of the room. Wide plank timber floors work equally effectively in small spaces and large, can be installed quickly, and look good for a long time.

Here are five reasons why you should consider wide plank timber flooring in your next project.

Accentuating large spaces

Wide planks emphasise and accentuate large spaces, introducing an element of grandeur often seen in contemporary design. Wide plank flooring is particularly effective in entryways, both residential and commercial, such as in hotels.

Visually expanding smaller spaces

The clever use of wide planks can make a smaller space appear larger. When installed in small spaces, less joins are visible when compared to a narrow plank installation. A higher number of joins in a small space can lend a busy vibe, unlike wider planks that give the room a smoother, calmer effect.

Fast installation saving time and money

Installing wide planks is a time-saving option – since the installation is faster, you can reduce both time and cost required for your project. If you're working on a commercial renovation with tight deadlines or seeking a home renovation with minimal disruptions, wide planks may save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Future proof durability

The engineered wide planks by Havwoods are less susceptible to cupping and bowing from moisture damage than traditional solid wood wide planks.

Bring nature indoors

Wide plank hardwood uses a larger section of the wood for each plank, thereby revealing more of the natural characteristics of the wood per plank than is possible with narrower boards. With wide planks, you can showcase the unique natural beauty of timber knots, grains, patterns and colour variants on your new floor.