Now available from Harcor Security Seals , the Secura Shield e-Seal is a security seal that combines a high security bolt with a Gen2 UHF passive RFID tag in one simple, quality engineered package to provide a tough, maintenance free solution that performs reliably over a long read range.

The Secura Shield e-Seal is an ideal security seal for any container that has one lockable point of access, such as shipping containers, rail cars, solid side trucks, hatches, and hazmat containers. 

The physical action of locking the high security bolt in place activates the RFID tag which then sends a signal when it is interrogated.

The Secura Shield e-Seal operates at the UHF 860 - 960 MHz band, and as such can be used internationally without any radio frequency issues. Futhermore, this security seal is EPC Gen2 compliant allowing it to be read with any EPC compliant reader and used with any EPC compliant information system.

Should the Secura Shield e-Seal be tampered with or opened by an unauthorised party, the tamper indication circuit is destroyed and the reader will not receive a signal, thus highlighting that the container should be inspected.