As Australians return to work amidst the continuing pandemic situation, commercial offices have been directed to adhere to various new laws to ensure safety at the workplace. To enable a safe return to work, offices are being asked to implement contactless delivery, which is now a Work Health and Safety requirement. 

Physical distancing and limiting the number of visitors into a building meant that offices needed to change the way they processed and distributed their parcel deliveries. Not only did they have to maintain physical distance, but they also had to reduce the number of shared touchpoints. With commercial establishments receiving (on average) 40-50 courier visits per day, most occurring during the staggered employee start times, contactless delivery of parcels using parcel lockers was the obvious solution.

Why parcel lockers help you return to work safely

High parcel delivery volumes not only mean more packages to deal with but also a higher number of couriers visiting the building to deliver many more times a day. Facilities without smart parcel lockers face enormous pressure to provide a hygienic and efficient solution to extraordinary parcel delivery volumes.

“We know buildings in which facility management have stopped taking deliveries at all due to health precautions or high theft issues,” explains Groundfloor director, Lauren Melton. 

Parcel lockers complement the many safety measures required to stop the spread of infection in commercial spaces, facilitating a safe return to work for employees.

New requirements for deliveries into workplaces

Safe Work Australia’s guidelines for deliveries into the workplace include: physical distancing, including through contactless deliveries; setting up alternatives to physical signatures; minimising the number of workers dealing directly with deliveries; and limiting the number of people in the workplace at any given time.

How Groundfloor parcel lockers address the new requirements:

1. 100% contactless delivery and collection

Groundfloor utilises a free-to-use courier mobile app to allow fast, contactless delivery. There is no interaction between the building staff and couriers or contractors since the parcels are delivered directly into the lockers. Once delivered, the recipient is automatically notified of the delivery, which they can collect by scanning a code at the locker to open it. Locker doors can be closed with a gentle elbow nudge. There’s no need to touch shared screens or interact with couriers.

2. An alternative to physical signatures

The Groundfloor system creates a Digital Signature every time a delivery is made. This Digital Signature also eliminates the need for physical signatures and provides utmost security and traceability. 

3. Parcel lockers located outside to reduce building visitors

The rising parcel delivery volumes are seeing a corresponding increase in the frequency of courier visits to the same buildings. By locating Groundfloor parcel lockers outside under shelter, couriers can be eliminated from lobbies and entryways entirely. 

4. Keep couriers out of your lifts

Since the parcel lockers are located on the ground floor, parcel deliveries can take place without the need for couriers to ride in lifts and potentially risk the spread of infection. The ground floor location of the parcel locker will also facilitate faster delivery.

5. Reducing building maintenance costs, improving efficiency

Groundfloor parcel lockers help you reduce maintenance costs and improve building efficiency. These parcel lockers are ideal for parcel deliveries, equipment sharing, key exchange, linen drop-off, and other needs. 


Groundfloor has everything you need to tick off all the new requirements relating to deliveries in commercial offices. Have a safe, happy and productive workplace experience. Contact us to talk about how Groundfloor can address your building’s particular needs.