Gripset Industries has recently been issued CSIRO Technical Assessment No. 347 for the Gripset 2P waterproofing membrane. The independent CSIRO appraisal has positioned Gripset 2P as the only polymer cementitious membrane in Australasia that not only complies with the durability requirements of AS4858 as a wet area waterproofing membrane but also confirms its suitability as a membrane for immersed and subterranean areas.

Specifiers and the waterproofing industry are using the Gripset 2P with confidence as a versatile and durable membrane for a wide range of waterproofing applications in commercial and residential construction. At a time where specifiers are flooded with waterproofing membrane selections that claim to be compliant to the relevant building standards, continued support grows with the Gripset 2P system due to the independent CSIRO Technical Assessment issued and a long history of successful applications in some of the more challenging building conditions.

Based on advanced polymer technology, Gripset 2P is a flexible and fast drying high build waterproofing membrane with exceptional adhesion properties over a range of building substrates. Furthermore, the popularity of the Gripset 2P waterproofing membrane extends to the compatibility of the cured membrane with a wide range of surface finishes and topping, avoiding the current industry issues of de-bonded toppings on chemical or moisture cured coatings.

Due to its versatility and durability, Gripset 2P waterproofing membrane is now being described by professional applicators as a great all rounder. As part of the Gripset range of innovative membrane systems, Gripset Industries offer a technical service for product and project specifications where more information can be provided on the Gripset 2P membrane and the full range of products offered.