Gripset Industries presents the new Gripset 59 solvent free polymer bitumen membrane that provides a thick film build for waterproofing applications.

The Gripset 59 can be used by spatula or trowel to help achieve film build in excess of 10mm in a singular application. The waterproofing properties and water vapour transmission properties are enhanced when the cured film is compressed.

The Gripset 59 also offers high impact and abrasion resistance, which eliminates the need for protection board over the membrane in subterranean applications.

Features of Gripset 59 bitumen membrane:

  • Solvent free, non-toxic and free of dangerous odours
  • Non-sagging on vertical surfaces
  • Inbuilt roof inhibitor
  • Resistant to sulphates, ground salts, diluted acids
  • Forms a flexible waterproof membrane
  • Can be applied over damp surfaces

The Gripset 59, from Gripset Industries are ideal for commercial, industrial and rural applications including waterproofing patching and fillers, waterproofing underground substrates, retaining walls and garden bends and also waterproofing large construction joints, concrete pipe sealing and insulating cold room structures and freezing chambers.