Grip Guard Non Slip  offers non slip floor treatments that are designed to increase the slip resistance of tiled floors without changing their appearance. The unique non slip floor treatment creates slip resistance from within without affecting the shine, colour or maintenance requirements of the tiles.

Non slip treatments cause no dulling of the surface and once dried the floor looks and feels exactly as it does before treatment. It is not until water is tracked, spilled or mopped onto the floor that the results of the treatment can be truly appreciated.

Grip Guard’s anti slip treatments microscopically change the floor tiles from within, dramatically reducing the risk of slipping.

Most slips and falls on wet floors are caused by a pedestrian’s foot aquaplaning across the floor because the tiles lack the adequate porosity required to absorb the water under pressure. Grip Guard non slip floor treatments change the internal pore structure of the tile to make it slip resistant.

Tiles treated with Grip Guard non slip treatments can be cleaned as normal and the treatment does not make the surface abrasive, therefore it will not attract contaminants or dirt.

Non slip treatments are suitable for all stone based surfaces including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, granite, terrazzo, polished concrete and slate. Floors can be walked on immediately after application of the non slip treatment, minimising disruption to normal business procedures.