Grip Guard Non Slip  were asked to provide a non-slip solution for timber ramps on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

As the ramp is used for by boat owners when launching and removing their boats from the water, the area becomes wet and presented a slip and fall risk.

After visiting the sites, Grip Guard Non Slip determined that Fordex Marine Grade Safety Flooring would be the ideal application for this area as it is designed to provide a secure non-slip surface in areas where grip under foot is paramount to pedestrian safety.

The diamond shaped nodule design channels water away reducing pooling, which is a major cause of aquaplaning that often leads to slip and fall injuries.

The Fordex Marine Grade Safety Flooring is a cost effective non-slip application designed to eliminate the risks these risks particularly on ramps.

The Fordex Marine Grade Safety Flooring is appropriate for all anti-slip applications such as walkways, stairways, external ramps, pontoons, marine decking, swimming pools surrounds, house boats and most other excessively wet areas.

For concrete or tiled ramps, Grip Activator treatment can be used. This non-slip treatment is not a coating. The treatment actually modifies the concrete to create a slip resistant surface.

To the naked eye, the appearance of the surface seems unchanged. However, under microscopic examination, a sort of ‘tread pattern’ can be seen. This ‘tread pattern’ creates the necessary slip resistance to enhance pedestrian safety.

Grip Guard Non Slip operators provide obligation free floor slip resistance testing, a valuable tool in assessing the risk of slip and falls in the home, workplace and public areas.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is available throughout Australia and New Zealand including Sydney NSW, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, Melbourne VIC, Launceston TAS, and Canberra ACT as well as other cities and regional areas.