Grip Guard Non Slip  operators are currently available to provide workplaces with stair and floor safety assessments to help ensure workplace safety regulations have been met.

The second largest cause of workplace injuries is slips and falls, many of which occur on stairs that do not have the appropriate stair nosing or treads. All employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment, which includes ensuring floors and stairs are slip resistant to avoid the risk of accidents.

It is essential that stair nosings are slip resistant, and for external stairs, carborundum nosings are an ideal stair safety choice. Carborundum is one of the most slip resistant, and durable, materials available.

Carborundum stair nosings provide property owners with a safe, long-term stair safety solution. The anti-slip stair nosings also protect the stair treads from being damaged by regular foot traffic.

Furthermore, if stairs are already chipped and cracked, the stair nosings can obscure the damaged tiles, stone or concrete, rejuvenating the stairs and protecting them in the future.

For internal stairs, a less abrasive stair nosing can be utilised. ProStep aluminium extrusion stair nosings with polymeric insert are suitable for commercial application in a dry environment.

Both the carborundum and the polymeric stair nosings are available from Grip Guard Non Slip in a wide range of colours to ensure that there is a luminous contrast between the stair and the stair edge. This contrast helps to ensure that stairs are not visually missed, leading to a trip and fall accident.