Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth - Living Greener.

Fresh water resources is said to decline with global warming, and as the nation gets ready for another summer, water restrictions will most probably be in place.

With this in mind, garden irrigation or car washing may pose a challenge for many. But did you know that greywater can replace potable drinking water for toilet flushing, washing clothes or above-ground irrigation of gardens and lawns?

Greywater is the wastewater that comes from your shower, bath, spa, washbasin and laundry. According to the Australian Water Association (AWA), greywater can be used for garden watering if properly managed and treated.

Water Installations Pty Ltd (Greywater Reuse Systems) is a family owned and run business located in Perth, WA.

Water Installations specialise in greywater reuse system kits, supply and installations as well as:
  • Rainwater Tank custom manufacturing, supply and installation of Aquaplate/Liner/Poly/Fibre & Bladder tanks up to 120K,
  • Fuji Clean CE1500EX Aerated Treatment Unit (ATU) - supply and installation,
  • Fire Protection systems
  • Composting Toilets
  • Dripline irrigation, PVC pipes/fittings and Pumps
  • Consultations and Quotations
  • Service and Maintenance of all systems
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Aquaponics tanks
  • Wicking Raised Garden Beds
  • Water and Soil Testing
  • Waterwise and Permaculture-designed Gardens
  • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Rainwater Tank Cleaning and Refurbishment
There are currently three main systems which have been developed to re-direct greywater into reuse situations:
  • Standard Systems
  • Watersave trench System
  • Watersave Dripper System
Water Installations provides an on-site consultation service to meet individual requirements. There are many types of greywater reuse systems, from a complete greywater reuse (when a composting toilet is used), to an ozone system for combined greywater sources.

Each greywater reuse system is supplied with two documents that explain the Installation and Specifications as well as a Homeowner’s Guide to help identify any potential problems.

Clients installing a complete greywater reuse system (including kitchen) are given plans which show the typical layout and design for the sedimentation tank and piped trenches.