Developed for use in alfresco areas, porticos, feature walls and ceilings, these timber lining boards are a cost effective alternative. Made from sustainable plantation- grown hardwood, Glosswood timber lining boards are also very eco-friendly and easy to install.

These affordable timber lining boards can be used for indoor and under-cover purposes and the easy installation procedure makes it a perfect professional product in this fast-moving world. Glosswood lining boards are also well-suited for outdoor purposes. These boards with UV-coated finish make the feature walls and ceilings look very natural and classy. Glosswood also offers a wide range of lining boards for indoor applications. These boards are well suited for living areas and kitchens. Glosswood termite proof boards can also be used when it comes to movable homes. They can be well transported from one place to the other without any chaos. Available in a pre-finished form, Glosswood timber lining boards do not require sanding or varnishing and saves tedious manual labour.

Glosswood lining boards come with a UV-coated finish which offers gives the timber boards a superior and durable finish. The UV coat also makes the timber moisture- resistant and fade- resistant. The timber lining boards from Glosswood are easy to maintain and rot resistant as it has the paulownia finish.