Available from Global Concrete Solutions , concrete acid stain enhances concrete surfaces with an extensive range of colours and designs. 

The use of different application techniques, concrete acid stains provide a vibrant and unique appearance as the acid reacts with lime on the concrete surface.

Concrete acid stains can be used in most applications including residential properties, restaurants, bars, hotels, retails stores, theatres, showrooms, offices and museums. Concrete acid stains can also be used on walls, countertops and landscaping.

Concrete acid stain is a coloring solution of metallic salts that have been dissolved in an acid solution that. This solution, when used on a cement surface, will become an element of the surface. 

The result of the concrete acid stain is dependant on the preparation and a marbleised effect that does not crack or peel can be achieved. Cements that feature large quantities of calcium hydroxide will create better colour while higher cement content will give colours of greater intensity. Specifying a Portland or Type GP cements have higher levels of hydroxide.