Gerard Lighting offers a diverse troffer range designed to deliver the desired outcomes for Human Centric Lighting (HCL) projects in work environments.

Lighting is an important component of a well-designed office or work environment, which not only enhances the company’s commercial image but also improves employee productivity. Thanks to their expert in-house engineering and design team, which allows swift development of cutting-edge products and bespoke lighting solutions including HCL solutions, Gerard Lighting offers complete commercial lighting systems sympathetic to workers’ health, mood and efficiency for HCL applications.

Tunable white troffers from Gerard Lighting such as PIERLITE GenLED, DLED and Siteco Scriptus can now be used in HCL projects and are also compliant with the requirements for Greenstar and WELL.

Gerard Lighting’s solutions are designed for flexibility. PIERLITE’s troffers, for instance, can be tailored for every design requirement from low glare and low ceiling heights with small cavities to cyanosis compliance and tunable white lighting for general wellbeing.

Excessive light can cause migraines, headaches and eye strain for occupants. Gerard Lighting offers a troffer lighting range with a UGR as low as 16.

Troffers are also available to suit various project sizes, ensuring the lighting is just perfect for every application, especially in tight spaces.

“Lighting is more than just how we see,” says David Blackley, commercial & healthcare solutions manager at Gerard Lighting. “It affects our moods and how we function. It’s why we developed the PIERLITE GenLED tunable white LED troffer using multi-chip technology. With a colour temperature range from 2700K to 6500K, you can experience the full HCL range.”

Aaron de Leon, category manager – commercial at Gerard Lighting adds, “At Gerard Lighting we pride ourselves in designing, developing and delivering complete lighting solutions that cater to all the needs of a modern commercial environment and its occupants.

“These solutions can increase the total value of the facility, save energy and minimise carbon emissions, and create more productive, enjoyable and energy efficient workplaces.”

Reducing ongoing operating costs whilst maintaining occupant productivity and comfort, is one of the most significant challenges for commercial building owners, tenants and facility managers. Gerard Lighting’s HCL solutions can be integrated with Diginet Rapix, a brilliantly simple lighting control solution to help workplaces achieve both cost and comfort objectives.