Our learning environments are constantly evolving, especially nowadays where there needs to be constant rethinking of the norm and rapid adaptability. It’s never an easy task to create spaces that evoke creativity, innovation, and curiosity, but there are at least a few fundamental design principles that help to get the carpet rolling.


Today, it doesn’t seem possible to imagine a world without technology, which is why it’s important to consider integrating technology into learning spaces, including rooms, hallways and even the outdoors to them connected.

With anti-static properties, both modulyss and tretford are suitable for computer rooms and a perfect choice to accompany the ever-growing digital dependency. tretford is naturally anti-static, meeting IBM and ICL standards for computer installations.

Afeka College

Safety & Security

Be they schools, community hubs or public libraries, it’s essential to incorporate safety and security in the design. Having a more open and transparent layout with an emphasis on windows and clear lines of sight will help create the feel of a safer environment and improved learning.

modulyss and tretford carpets have colours and ranges that help create a feeling of comfort and homeyness that could enhance the overall design of a safe place.


Visual Interconnectivity

Visual interconnectedness is a design principle for learning spaces referring to architectural transparency. Open layouts have been gaining popularity over the years as designs seem to be moving away from separating areas by opaque structures.

The perfect way of utilising this learning environment while still wanting to show uniqueness is by adding custom tretford rugs to zone off areas and provide multiple usages.

Green Square Library

Multipurpose Spaces

Learning environments and how students learn are constantly evolving. Having multipurpose spaces that are flexible is key. Spaces that allow direct instruction, and group and independent work by quick and easy alterations are the perfect definition of multipurpose. Lightweight furniture of various heights, area rugs and even foldable walls all help to transform into quiet reading nooks or project-based learning areas. These spaces adapt to future changes while encouraging innovation and creativity, and continuing to stimulate students.

tretford colours, modulyss patterns, and tretford customised rugs can all spark an element of creativity that also works with multipurpose spaces. modulyss’ ability to mix&match gives a variety of options.

Multipurpose Spaces

Outdoor Learning

Studies show several benefits to learning outside the four walls. According to Australian Curriculum, the benefits include:

  • the teaching and learning of self-reliance, interdependence, and leadership
  • the development of an adventurous spirit
  • managing personal risks
  • experiencing safe journeys in nature
  • learning the value of lifelong outdoor recreation for enjoyment, health and wellbeing
  • understanding nature through direct experience, and the development of deeper human-nature relationships

Bright colours included in the tretford range can provide options to mimic the sun or grass on a field and bring an outdoor presence inside.

Outdoor Learning