GH Commercial is committed to their sustainability journey as the company seeks to source and develop local solutions to reduce their environmental footprint across all local manufacturing facilities.

As a proud Australian and New Zealand manufacturer, GH Commercial strives to achieve their environmental goals by improving their processes under a broad-based sustainability vision, Believe in Better. 

Under this ideological framework, their Resource Stewardship pillar supports a commitment to the health of the planet and begins with the implementation of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One such measure is a commitment to solar energy, an initiative that began with the installation of solar panels at the Shiny Drive warehouse in Truganina. 

GH Commercial is now extending this solar investment to their warehouse in Laverton. This centralised storage and distribution facility measures a whopping 24,522 square metres of internal floor space, and includes upper and lower level offices, plus storage capacity for approximately 700,000 metres of carpet. 

The facility’s roof design was ideal for an initial installation of 216 solar panels. The 99.36kw system is capable of powering over half the warehouse, generating clean, green energy, and lowering the company’s reliance on non-renewable sources, while measurably reducing the overall operating costs. 

This investment in reducing CO2 emissions supports GH Commercial’s broader Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification, one of the most rigorously applied sustainability recognition programs in the world. 

As industry leaders with genuine concern for the future, the company recognises that actions speak louder than words. GH Commercial believes they have a moral responsibility to spearhead change by supporting climate action wherever they can.

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