GH Commercial is proud to sponsor the Living Future Institute of Australia once again, renewing their commitment to climate action and further developing their sustainability goals in 2022.

Established in 2012, the Living Future Institute of Australia (LFIA) is an affiliate of the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), an environmental NGO and hub for visionary programs offering global solutions for a socially just, culturally rich and ecologically regenerative world.

The role of LFIA is to navigate and propel change in the Australian built environment through the rapid integration of design practices that, beyond merely doing less harm, contribute positively to the environment. Their initiatives include overseeing Zero Carbon Certification, the Biophilic Design Initiative, Declare® program, industry education, regular training events and technical advisory services. 

GH Commercial has been a major sponsor of the LFIA since 2019, when the company became the first floor covering manufacturer in Australia to achieve Declare Red List free accreditation. GH Commercial holds the most Declare Red List Free labels, and the portfolio continues to grow. 

This continuing partnership with LFIA underscores GH Commercial’s Believe in Better sustainability pillar under their product transparency commitments, ensuring many of their products now and into the future, display Declare Red List Free certification.

Declare® Certification

GH Commercial is committed to being part of this catalyst for change, beginning 2022 with a renewed undertaking towards producing the healthiest, most sustainable, and toxic-free products possible.

A key element of their product transparency sustainability pillar has been the choice to work with LFIA since 2019 and apply for Declare® certification on a wide range of their products. The LFIA Declare® program reveals clear and honest information about material specifications via a ‘nutritional’ label of ingredients. Each label is compared against a list of worst-in-class materials, also known as the Red List. These Red List chemicals pollute the environment, bio-accumulate up the food chain until they reach toxic concentration and create health problems for construction and factory personnel. 

Working across their entire supply chain, GH Commercial has been able to identify, source and utilise the healthiest possible manufacturing components to meet LFIA’s exacting standards. Along with the current Red List Free certification for their Australian made Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) and Designer Jet products, in 2021 they also achieved Declare Red List Free labels on a large range of wool broadloom carpets. 

The GH Commercial Commitment

Through the LFIA partnership, GH Commercial will undertake quarterly training sessions for their team, staying abreast of all market relevant information and updated sustainability developments in the areas of material health, biophilic design, product transparency and access to technical advisory services.

Part of an industry increasingly looking to incorporate regenerative design into existing sustainability paradigms, GH Commercial is not only proud to contribute demonstrably healthier flooring options, but as an Australian and New Zealand manufacturer, is also mindful of seeking local solutions to the global climate challenge.

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