Gainsborough Hardware Industries is pleased to introduce the G+ home security access system, a convenient, smart and innovative way to control the home.

G+ makes it simple to access the home in new ways, and removes the need to carry around a large bunch of keys and remotes.

The simple and discreet G+ key can operate the entire home access system. An alarm can be turned off or the garage door opened, all at the click of a button.

This very same key is also capable of unlocking the front door, and when leaving home for an evening out, the G+ key can turn on the porch light, deadlock the door, close the garage door or gate and activate the alarm, all at the touch of a button. The key will light up to confirm an action has been completed.

The G+ home security access system consists of:

  • G+ Locksets - Electric or battery operated
  • G+ Mechanical locksets - Optional addition
  • G+ Keys - Premium and basic models available
  • G+ Smart Box - Controls system features
  • G+ Video Entry - Provides additional security, and visitors can even leave voice messages
  • G+ Home Hub - Bridges between the existing home automation system and G+ enabled technology
Further details on the innovative G+ home security access system are available from Gainsborough Hardware Industries.