Fujitsu General (Aust.) Pty Limited announces the release of three new high static single phase ducted air conditioning systems featuring significant design and energy efficiency improvements.

Designed to deliver faster, smoother installation as well as greater comfort and control, the new Fujitsu General air conditioners offer several energy management features including a new V type indoor heat exchanger, high efficiency DC fan motor with lower power consumption, and a new airflow design allowing for higher output across different static pressure settings.

The lightweight and compact indoor unit can be split into two parts, making it easier to install within ceiling cavities.

Key features of the new Fujitsu General ducted air conditioners include an automatic static pressure setting that allows users to set static pressure to match individual installation, helping to maintain optimum airflow while reducing commissioning time; and new air stabiliser equalising air circulation across the new heat exchanger design, lowering noise levels while improving overall efficiency.

Additionally, the UTY-RNRYZ1 backlit touchpad is available as an optional accessory for all new Fujitsu General ducted systems. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen display, built-in Thermosensor and a range of daily or weekly timers, the controller can limit the minimum and maximum set points on both the cooling and heating cycles, allowing building managers to set the air conditioner to suit specific requirements of the installation.