The ColoRex brand from Forbo represents the best known ESD flooring in the market. The homogenous pressed tiles offer high quality and consistent performance.

Matching weldingrods, skirtings and coving ensure system solutions for demanding floors in operating theatres, clean room and high tech environments.

The ColoRex SD/EC vinyl tiles offer static disapative and electric conductive flooring for matching requirements.

ColoRex Plus vinyl tiles are industrial loose-lay tiles in ESD or conventional formats that are easy to install. The high performance vinyl tiles are a homogenous floor covering system that can be loose laid on nearly every kind of sub floor, regardless of condition.

ColoRex Plus vinyl tiles are stuitable for ESD protected areas, temporary floorings and commercial and industrial areas. Tiles can also be heat welded for hygiene critical applications.

The ColoRex Welltech is the first homogenous conductive floor covering product on polyester basis. The vinyl tiles do not contain any plasticizer and it is free of antistatic additives, meeting the highest standards and expectations of modern environmental science.

The pore-free, bacteriostatic floor design make the vinyl tiles suited for cleanroom applications. Furthermore, it has improved safety in case of fire, is hardly ignitable and has a low smoke development.