Styroboard EPS from The Foamex Group was featured in a display by artist Peter Robinson at the 18th Biennale of Sydney art festival.

Among the unique artworks exhibited by about 100 artists from 44 countries was one of the largest displays at the festival, which was made by Robinson using Foamex Styroboard expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Titled Snow Ball Blind Time, the display features chain links that link the pieces together in the installation. The chain links were cut to size by Foamex. 

Speaking of his use of Foamex polystyrene, Robinson said, “My use of polystyrene over the last few years has been a somewhat self-parodying, self-defeating enterprise as it is a material that… seems truly invented for fabricating corruptible artifices, brittle fantasies, luminous delusions. Its industrial neutrality is fraught with a sense of massive inauthenticity that touches on the triviality of the instantly disposable and the sheer absurdity of our contaminated idealisms.”