Alternative building products are entering the construction market in a big way with the increasing acceptance by industry attributed to cost, time and performance factors.

One such product, the waffle pod slab represents a clever approach to modern construction, taking advantage of state-of-the-art polystyrene technology. Developed from expanded polystyrene, waffle pod void former systems have a long list of benefits over traditional concrete foundations.

To begin with, minimal earthworks are required for waffle pod slabs as trenches are not needed. Trenches used in traditional concrete jobs are at risk of filling up with water during inclement weather, taking additional time and cost to remove the water before concrete can be poured.

The insulating EPS in waffle pod slabs with a layer of concrete on top delivers significant thermal R-value to the structure’s foundation. Waffle pod slabs also ensure quicker and more cost-effective construction than traditional pours as less concrete is required.

Expanded polystyrene blocks are lightweight and easy to handle, reducing labour requirement. There is additionally, less environmental disturbance as the slab sits on the site and not in the ground.

Key benefits of waffle pod slabs also include simplicity of construction using interconnecting components; increased energy efficiency of the building from the ground up; stronger building slab than traditional concrete foundations; and cost efficiencies in terms of trades needed and time to construct.

Foamex Diamond Pods are a strong yet lightweight waffle pod void former system designed specifically for residential, commercial and industrial concrete slab applications. Foamex Diamond Pods provide under slab insulation and support while reducing the effects of soil movement and also lowering the amount of concrete required for a build.