Foamex is committed to the recovery of polystyrene waste from construction and demolition sites, preventing the waste from being sent to landfill. Representing a huge quantity, Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste, at 66 per cent, is also one of the most recovered wastes of the three main waste streams.

Foamex EPS in the form of Foamex Diamond Pod void formers are delivered to construction sites in a responsible manner and tied down in accordance with industry approved methods to prevent damage or blow-away. Foamex actively contributes to the recovery of Foamex Diamond Pod waste material from these construction sites by supplying bags for clean-up on-site and working closely with contractors to pick up unused waste or end-of-use EPS, transport it safely to its manufacturing facility, and granulate it for reuse.

For each Diamond Pod project that Foamex supplies, two cubic metres of scrap previously destined for landfill are reclaimed and recycled. At an average of 600 Diamond Pod waffle pod projects across Australia each week, Foamex recovery programs reclaim approximately 1200m³ of polystyrene in addition to the company’s regular reclaiming and recycling efforts.

Foamex recycles or converts all the expanded polystyrene waste into products that serve expanded polystyrene end-users, building and construction sites, and other expanded polystyrene manufacturers. By doing so, the company is minimising waste in the environment and keeping it sustainable for future generations.