Flowcrete has launched the next generation of performance anti-microbial flooring with its new seamless Flowfresh polyurethane range. The Flowfresh range is specifically designed for application in food and drinks processing, dairies, healthcare facilities and anywhere where hygiene is the priority. The system works by harnessing the natural power of silver.

Flowcrete recently joined forces with internationally renowned chemicals and performance materials company Perstorp Chemicals AB to utilise its Polygiene compound for its Flowfresh seamless flooring systems.

According to Flowcrete, working with Polygiene, it is able to provide flooring systems offering the protection to keep areas clean and sterile. The new anti-microbial systems represent a major step forward in delivering hygiene performance across the range of food processing, healthcare and pharmaceutical environments.

A special additive in Polygiene emits ions of silver, which continuously migrate to the surface where they effectively suppress microbial growth. The additive is locked into the resin matrix within Flowfresh floors and provides total protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week, remaining active throughout the lifetime of the flooring system.

The anti-microbial is effective against a range of bacteria including E.Coli, Staphyloccoccus Aureus, MRSA, Salmonella Typhi, Streptococcus Pyogenes and SARS. It also inhibits the growth of mould, fungi and mildew and protects against the propagation of superbugs.

According to Flowcrete, Polygiene should not be seen as a substitute for cleaning but as a second line of defence for regular hygiene practices.

Polygiene anti-microbial is incorporated in Flowcrete’s range of time-proven floor solutions for industries where the requirement to keep bacteria at bay is a key priority. These high performance floor finishes provide a hard-wearing, slip-resistant, easy to clean surface.

A range of flooring formulations is available suited to heavy duty, high traffic wet processing areas or for dry processing areas, subject to lighter traffic.

Flowfresh is already being installed throughout Australasia with clients such as AP Foods, Nestle, Big Sister and Baxter Healthcare, as well Fonterra and Westland Milk in New Zealand, using the system in their food processing, food manufacturing, and dairy processing facilities.

According to Flowcrete, in Australia, Moriatis Foods recently chose Flowfresh for its food processing facility in Sydney, where fruit, vegetables and salad items are pre-packaged for retail sales.

The processing areas at the plant are with the new machinery and GMP standards in place. Refurbishment of the existing concrete floor had to be completed within a tight schedule of 48 hours.

According to Flowcrete, in Australia in addition, the substrate was totally saturated due to it being a wet processing area. Epoxies and other resin floors were ruled out on both grounds.

There was also the issue of potential tainting of the foodstuffs with an epoxy system, one that does not arise with the polyurethane Flowfresh system. Flowcrete was able to demonstrate good performance of Flowfresh at Big Sister, another reference site in Sydney, which helped the client make their final decision.

At Fonterra’s Hautapu and Te Rapa dairy facilities, in the first application of its kind in the New Zealand dairy industry, Flowfresh was installed in the main milk processing areas, providing an anti-microbial, slip resistant and highly durable floor.

The seamless installation process, the new flooring was installed without having to remove the existing damaged tiled floor, saving valuable time during the winter shutdown,according to Flowcrete New Zealand. The ideal thermal shock distortion properties of the Flowfresh system, (-40 Deg C to +120 Deg C) this enables live steam cleaning to be carried out. These properties also mean that Flowfresh is suitable for use in chiller or freezer rooms.

High levels of abrasion and impact resistance and high chemical resistance are further benefits of the Flowfresh range. A range of standard colours enables different working zones within a plant to be colour coded. Flowfresh Coving for a seamless wall/floor interface completes the range.