Insulation plays a crucial role in any construction project, be it residential or commercial. Finding the right insulation solutions can affect a range of outcomes, from whether the building itself is certified, to the energy costs for the owners or occupiers for years after construction is complete.

Apart from its energy efficiency and acoustic purpose, one of the most impactful functions of insulation is its role in ensuring the fire safety of the construction. A properly fire-rated insulation solution can drastically decrease the spread of flame and smoke in a real-life fire scenario, providing additional time for escape and slowing structural and cosmetic damage in the process.

In line with volume 1 Section C1.9(a)(i) of the National Construction Code, all external or common walls in Type A or B construction must be non-combustible. This means that all components of the wall, including insulation, must be non-combustible.

The relevant Australian Standard to reference is AS1530 - Fire Test for Building Material, which - among other fire testing methods - outlines the applicable provisions and test methods for insulation. Part 1 of the standard addresses testing for non-combustibility, while Part 3 addresses components’ or materials’ Ignitability Index, Spread of Flame Index, Heat Evolved Index and Smoke Developed Index.

Fletcher Insulation has been at the forefront of insulation technology development in Australia for more than 90 years. With a wide range of products designed to meet the stringent compliance guidelines of the updated NCC, the company prides itself on providing the best value and quality advice to customers.

Fletcher Insulation provides an extensive range of non-combustible solutions for compliance in wall applications. For bulk insulation, these products include Pink® Partition, Pink® Batts and Pink® Soundbreak™ wall batts - depending on the building design and requirements.

Pink® Partition: the flagship solution

Pink® Partition is Fletcher’s flagship solution for use in metal-framed partitions, wall systems and ceilings. The product’s excellent thermal and acoustic performance makes it ideal for commercial use, as well as low and high-rise multi-residential projects - reducing unwanted noise transfer while contributing to overall energy efficiency.

Pink® Batts: ideal R-value in residential walls

Pink® Batts are the perfect solution for achieving the ideal R-value (and acoustic control) for residential walls. Fabricated in sizes to meet standard timber and steel stud spacings, their glasswool composition is low-itch and easy to cut, making them incredibly simple to install and reducing the home’s power bill in the process.

Pink® Soundbreak™: all about acoustics

Pink® Soundbreak™ is high-performance acoustic insulation. Its high density of 24–26kg/m3 means it’s an ideal solution for reducing noise transfer through walls. The higher density of Pink® Soundbreak™ also means it achieves higher R-values in limited cavity spaces - a beneficial property in residential applications.

While all of these solutions have their own specialisation, each of these products has some fundamental properties in common. Their low Early Fire Hazard Indices - 0 Ignitability Index, 0 Spread of Flame Index, 0 Heat Evolved Index and 0-1 Smoke Developed Index - make them low fire risks for any wall application. On top of that, they are all deemed non-combustible in accordance with AS 1530.1, meaning they can be specified for any wall in Type A or B construction.

In addition to their superior fire performance, Pink® Partition, Pink® Batts and Pink® Soundbreak™ wall batts offer designers, specifiers and installers some additional functional benefits. The rigid composition of the insulation means it can be friction-fitted, reducing time, materials and cost of installation while also ensuring the insulation won’t slump within the wall cavity. Additionally, they are available in a range of densities, thicknesses and dimensions to provide high thermal and acoustic insulation performance - no matter what the specific requirements of the project may be.

When it comes to specifying insulation, there are many considerations. Through a combination of innovative design and thoughtful manufacturing, Fletcher Insulation’s range of high performance, non-combustible insulation makes selection easy.