Fletcher Insulation announces the release of a new product selection guide for commercial under slab insulation products in compliance with National Construction Code (NCC) 2019.

Under slab insulation is a fundamental part of the building envelope that is required to comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) section J for commercial buildings.

Fletcher Insulation’s ‘HVAC and Industrial Insulation Product Selection Guide: Designing for NCC 2019’ will provide designers, builders and specifiers the necessary guidance during the selection of the most suitable under slab insulation products for all projects.

Fletcher Insulation offers a range of product solutions to meet specific project requirements for the underside of underground car park soffits and top floor concrete roofs. The insulation is typically installed with the facing down and mechanically fixed using insulation fasteners with all joins taped.

The new guide covers:

  • Choosing the correct under slab insulation for your individual commercial application
  • Comparing a range of soffit products depending on product performance specification
  • Selecting products based on thermal performance, acoustic control, and fire and condensation management
  • NCC 2019 climate zone requirements
  • Supporting technical data meeting fire, thermal and acoustic performance requirements.

Download the guide.