Fisher & Paykel Appliances introduces a new line of top load washing machines with new, consumer-friendly features at the same affordable prices.    

Offering excellence in design, engineering and reliability, Fisher & Paykel’s appliances have consistently delivered outstanding performance and continue to do so in the new laundry range.    

According to Fisher & Paykel General Manager, Marketing, Mr Peter Russell, the upgraded top loading washing machines include improvements to capacity, water and energy ratings for enhanced reliability.  

Most of the improvements in the new range are on the inside, including the ground-breaking SmartDrive technology that combines their direct drive motor with smart electronics to provide greater reliability and wash performance.  

The unique SmartDrive technology allows Fisher & Paykel washing machines to sense and respond to each load in an intelligent way, customising the wash cycle to the best setting for different clothes.    

Fisher & Paykel’s product revamp also incorporates a quieter, more advanced and more reliable DirectDrive motor, which is capable of infinite wash actions in all top loaders. The motor continuously adjusts its speed according to the movement of clothes to remove dirt or stains while caring for the fabric to reduce wear on clothes.  

New naming protocol
Fisher & Paykel’s feature-packed product revamp is accompanied by a new logical benefit-based naming protocol that reflects the integral nature of the SmartDrive technology and allows for easier selection and comparison of different models.    

Each name is suffixed with ‘Smart’, a reference to the SmartDrive technology, while the prefix describes the machine’s most prominent feature, or point of difference for quick and easy identification.    

The new line-up of top load washing machines from Fisher & Paykel includes QuickSmart, WashSmart, FabricSmart and AquaSmart2.    

QuickSmart washing machines
QuickSmart washers, formerly the MW range are designed with shorter wash cycles to cut washing time while still cleaning clothes to high standards with optimal use of water and energy. These washers will become more energy efficient with a 2 star energy rating.  

WashSmart washing machines
Formerly the GW range, WashSmart washers feature comprehensive cycle and wash options for users who want to take control of the wash process. The WashSmart model is available in a higher capacity range of 7kg and 8kg, and will become more water efficient with a new 3.5 star water rating (WELS).    

FabricSmart washing machines
Previously known as IW, FabricSmart features fabric-sensing sensor technology that can detect the difference between items such as denim jeans and silky lingerie based on the level of friction against the agitator, adjusting the wash cycle accordingly and preventing wear on the clothes.    

FabricSmart washers have an increased water rating of 3.5 WELS and higher energy rating of 3.5 stars.  

AquaSmart2 washing machines  
AquaSmart2 is an improved version of the original AquaSmart incorporating significant improvements under the hood for more fine-tuned reliability and performance.      

AquaSmart2 uses a clever wash plate to lift clothes into and out of a minimum of water resulting in an effective wash that is good for the clothes while minimising the impact on the environment.  

Featuring the highest water rating in the range, AquaSmart2 is a high efficiency washing machine that uses a bare minimum of water for each wash. It has the water efficiency of a front loader with the ergonomic benefits of a top loader.